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Win NFTs!

Every Epoch we draw winners from our delegates to recieve random NFT Drops!

Stake to RAFL Pool

Staking to our pool will earn you the chance to win some of the many NFT projects we partner with!

We work tirelessly to get our pool into whitelists for projects so that YOU can get free NFTs!

Here's How It All Works . . .

Raffles For Everyone!

Staking 100 ADA will earn you 1 Raffle Ticket per Epoch

The more you stake the more opportunity you have to earn some fresh (and some classic) NFTs

Raffles For Club Members!

We spend our pool rewards on NFTs through whitelists and buy scooping up some Blue Chips on the secondary market.

Every Epoch there will be NFT Raffle draws that will be dropped straight to the winner’s wallet!


Phase 1

NFT Raffle Pool Launch!

NFT Distribution Every Epoch

Partnership & Project Development

RAFL Pool NFT Project

Phase 2

ISPO Token Distribution 

RAFL Club Members Airdrop

Web App Development

Phase 3

Exclusive Artist Collaboration

Special Edition Mint Drops

Community Voting & Collaborative NFT Selection

Join The Club!

Pool Info


Pool Name: NFT Raffle Pool

Ticker: [RAFL]

Pool ID: 33cedfd1a47ba1cd10a60d28d1daa6c930894d9c581a0d9dd004e817



Rhys Morgan

[STOIC] Pool

Theo Bailey


Waheeda Bailey

Community Manager